How is Clean Capital's service differentiated

1. Its investor contacts

Clean Capital has Partner level access to most European institutional investors and has built a pool of potent and active private investors who invest significant amounts each. Clean Capital intimately understands the investment themes and preferences of both groups. Our London base gives us easy access to many investors.

2. Its sector expertise


Clean Capital's founding partners have deep expertise in its three focus sectors: smart cleantech, consumer brands and B2B software. Clean Capital has prepared and presented many investment cases to the London investment community via The Clean Capital Investment Forum and therefore has a uniquely strong understanding of many markets, business models and investor preferences. Clean Capital partners with select technical consulting houses, IP advisory firms and lawyers in order to ensure the right expertise is phased into the process when needed.

3. Presentation-based investment readiness methodology

Clean Capital's preparation methodology focuses on communicating the investment case from an investor's perspective. Stage-One involves a holistic seven-slide presentation, which answers all of an investor's initial questions. This is then expanded upon, pressure tested and expressed first in a long-form presentation and then built out further into an Information Memorandum and financial model.

We abide by a diligent 'keep-it-simple' philosophy, which we apply firstly to your business model and secondly to the way you communicate it. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised by just how easy it is to explain your investment case to an investor.

4. Its people


You will find us exceptionally honest, quick, direct and committed to ensuring you present yourself and your company excellently to potential investors. The partners have complementary business skill sets and experience and come from the client side, both having worked in pioneering and/or entrepreneurial situations. Both are MBA qualified and have international profiles, both speaking three languages fluently.